What is Modern Kenpo?

Modern Kenpo is a martial arts system created from logical principles of self-defense combined with scientific principles of motion.  Through Modern Kenpo practice you learn both how to defend yourself and keep how to keep your body healthy.  Modern Kenpo has its roots in the ancient Shaolin martial arts system but has been updated and modernized in accordance with the changing times and environments in which it is now studied. 

It stands today as the most effective self-defense system ever developed.  Its founder, Ed Parker, was during his lifetime the most sought after martial arts instructor in the world.

Each person sees something different in Modern Kenpo.  For some it is a form of artistic expression, for others a form of self-defense, and yet others think of it as a form of exercise.  It is all these and more.  Try it for yourself and see why so many people are so excited about it!

How will my children benefit from Kenpo?

Benefits include: confidence, fitness, self-defense, friendships, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect, good manners,  and a whole lot of fun!!!  Kenpo is great for kids.  Two things all children need to know are how to swim and how to defend themselves.  Kenpo will give them the self-defense skills they need along with countless other benefits and life skills all wrapped into one program they will love.

How often should I come to class?

For children ages 4-6: once or twice a week.

For Children Ages 7-12 who are in Basic Training: 2 times a week.
For Children Ages 7-12 who are in Intermediate Training: 2-3 times a week.
For Children Ages 7-12 who are in Advanced Training: 3 times a week.

For Teen and Adult Basic Training: 2 times a week.
For Teen and Adult Advanced Training: 3 times a week.

Tournament/Demo Team members: 4-5 times a week.

For Kickboxers: 2-3 times a week depending on your fitness goals.

How long till I get my Black Belt?

Many schools today offer a quick black belt in a guaranteed amount of time.  They are the "fast food" versions of martial arts schools.  At our school we offer a quality program.  When you achieve Black Belt you will be exceptionally fit, incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and an inspiration to others.  It will take time and effort but it will be worth it.  Each person on the journey to Black Belt travels at their own pace.  Focus on the journey not the destination and you will get the most out of your training.

Should I wear my full uniform to every class?

Yes, full uniform meaning the karate pants, jacket and belt should be worn to every class and all special events.  (We will always keep the temperature comfortable year round.)

How do I find out about weather cancellations?

Weather cancellations are announced on the main page of this website.

Do I need a Belt Guide Workbook?

Yes!  You need a guide and should bring it to every class.  Your teachers will check off the various sets, forms, techniques, and freestyles as you learn them, helping you to chart your progress and achieve you personal goals.  The guides are the most important training aid available to a Kenpo student. On average students with guides learn 2-3 times as fast as those without.  The guides are very inexpensive yet contain a wealth of information.

What can I do to help my child succeed?

Begin with the End in Mind!  Set the goal of Black Belt immediately with your child.  Let them know they are signed up for Kenpo until they earn their Black Belt.  Make sure they are clear that this is not just another thing they can drop out of.  We have whole generations of children today who excel only at dropping out of things.  They have tried everything and stuck with nothing!  Don't let this happen to your child.   Set the goal and stick to it. Your child's success in Kenpo will lead to success in all areas of his/her life!

Be sure to get them to class 2-3 time a week.

Remind them periodically that their goal is Black Belt and let them know how proud of them you will be when they succeed in achieving their Black Belt.  When they have a belt promotion (typically every 6 months) make a big deal out of it and get them excited about the special dinner they get or whatever special thing you choose to do to commemorate their successes.  Remind them that each promotion is bringing them closer to Black Belt which is the universal symbol of true excellence in Kenpo.

Make sure they have what they need to succeed.  That means a uniform that fits them, the proper equipment, and a training workbook for their level.

Leave the rest to us!