Student Creeds

I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health.

I will develop Self-Discipline in order to bring out the best in my self and others.

I will use common sense before self-defense and never be abusive or offensive.

Winners never quit; quitters never win. I chose to win!

I am a dedicated student of the Martial Arts.  I live by the principles of Black Belt; Modesty, Integrity, Courtesy, Self-Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit.

This is a Black Belt School.  I am dedicated.  I am motivated.  I am on a quest, to be my best!

Kenpo Creed

"I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself,  my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death,  of right or wrong; then here are my weapons,
  Karate,  my empty hands."

- Ed Parker