Kenpo has given me a steady routine, and amazing workouts that help me to stay fit and happy. It also gives me ways to protect myself so i feel more secure and so, if the situation does arise, I am more likely to be able to protect myself. Another wonderful thing about our school is that the people are so friendly and always willing to help if you need anything, it just feels nice to have someone to talk to. I love this school and all of its people and am so happy that i joined.
-Amber Sullivan

Kenpo has given me motivation in everything I do. Its helped me be more confident, its given me a new sense of whats most important. In many ways it completely changed the direction of my life. Its improved me over all as a person.
-Connor Whitcomb

Moncreaff's American Kenpo Karate Academy is great in many ways, but the people are, by far, the most impacting feature. Through the school, I have gotten to not only meet so many remarkable people, but have discovered parts of myself and personality that I had no idea were there at all. I was able to do this because of all the awsome, open-minded, understanding, and forgiving people. I'm still at a loss as to how all these great people came to congregate in this one spot, I mean, the odds of that sort of thing happening are severely low. Yet, in light of that, the school has come to be comprised of the most enlightening group of people around. I treasure the school for the knowledge that is gained from attending it, but especially for the people whom I am incrediblly fortunate, and humbled to know.
-Adrian Fanucci-Kiss

Kenpo helped me put the effort into school work. I was more motivated after i started, and my grades are still improving.

I have made many great friends at Kenpo. Kenpo itself is fun, but it's even more fun when done with friends! I learn a lot about other people while I train with them, in addition to learning a lot about the art itself. Kenpo is satisfying because my physical condition and ability to defend myself improve every time I go. I learn a lot about the human body and about being healthy. I also learn about myself at Kenpo by talking to other people and simply doing the art. I have learned how much fun Kenpo is and how nice the people are. I will treasure Kenpo and my friends for the rest of my life.
-Chris Wagman

I have trained at the school for most of my life, and I believe that training here has given me the ability to improve myself not only in my skill at self defense, but also in the development of my character. The training is as rigorous as you make it, for the entire art revolves around your attitude. What you gain out of training here entirely depends on what you put in. If you truly want something, possess an open mind, and are willing to go the extra mile, positive results are inevitable.
There was once a time during my own training, where I had a streak of laziness. I didn't show up to class very often, I did not put a lot of effort into my training, and I merely trained as if I just wanted to pass the time. During this time, I was not making any progress. I foolishly blamed it on the fact that the system and criteria for black belt were changing. But then some people got far ahead of me, and Mr. Moncreaff made me realize my own flaws, and from that point on, my training hardened and increased like never before, and in two consecutive years, I went up two belt levels. Since then, I have constantly kept this in mind while training, and although I have not reached black belt yet, I won't be giving up ever.
Aside from that, I have made so many friendships with people that I never would have met otherwise, and I think that I have become a better man because of them. Mr. Moncreaff has been my instructor for many years, and outside the school, he is a good friend, and like a second father to me.
-Vivek Subramanyam

I started as a student with my son Benjamin in October 1997. He was 5 and I was looking for something we could do together. Ben took to it like a fish to water and I got hooked, both on the excitement of having that bond with my son, as well as learning something that had fascinated me for years.  Mr. Moncreaff was a young single man then, yet he had a wonderful way with kids and a talent for reaching out to adults, all of whom had different learning styles, abilities, limitations, and comfort zones. I found him to be surprisingly understanding and sensitive to that; particularly for such a young man. Mainly though, I was taken by his enthusiasm, thoroughness and his patience. It can't be easy to teach such a wide range of students, in an arena that challenges people physically, mentally and emotionally. Yet he had that ability. It's 11 years later and if I am not mistaken, I am the longest active student in his school. Mr Moncreaff guided me through the ranks to achieve my black belt and I have enjoyed the countless hours I've helped him out by teaching along with him over the years.  Over the 11 years that I've been with Mr Moncreaff, I've seen students come and go; I've seen the school go through fun, exciting and happy times as well as challenging times.  Eleven years later Mr Moncreaff is happily married and a proud father! Not meaning to sound paternal or tutorial but he has learned a lot, grown and matured.  I have said many times to many students that they are coming into the school and our system at the best time, right now! It's true that I was there for the growing pains, but I've loved the journey and am very excited to see how it continues.  As a parent, a satisfied student and friend, if I had it to do over again, I'd do it exactly the same way; and there are few things in life we can say that about. If anyone wishes to talk to me more specifically, please feel free to write me and it will be my pleasure to speak with you! (Those who know me know that I am honest to a fault and my blessings are not "for sale". I guess you could say that this is an uncompensated endorsement!) Best wishes to you all!
-Yours in Kenpo, Mark Rosenfield

My wife and I have two options for Kenpo instruction in our area. The first place is less than a mile away, and incredibly cheap. The second is farther away but the quality of instruction is by far the best we've ever encountered at a karate school - and therefore worth it.
That second school is Moncreaff's! We enjoy our time there, and training doesn't seem arduous. Everything we learn makes sense in a practical way. And there's a theory behind everything that's really easy to grasp. Learning the exact same techniques at other Kenpo schools didn't make half as much sense.
Matt is extremely knowledgeable about his art and possesses qualities of a good teacher - namely enthusiasm, excellent communication, and dedication to his area of expertise. He really cares about the progress of his students, and his students respect him.
One final thing about Moncreaffs: Belt levels are a bit different from other schools in that they are truly EARNED. A black belt can take five years or more for even a dedicated student, and requires much rote knowledge as well as physical prowess. This is attractive to me, since many schools simply give you a belt when you've been there a few months. When I got my orange belt, it felt like (and was) a great accomplishment, and this sense of achievement will only grow as we progress through the levels.
-Ben Holt